If you are interested to have citizenship of Malta, it is possible. Malta has a strict process to obtain citizenship by direct investments. Maltese citizenship Act Cap.188, LN437 of 2020, permits foreign individuals to gain citizenship through naturalization for contributing to the nation’s economic development.


  • EUR738, 000 plus minimum 36 months residency or EUR888, 000 for 12 months.
  • 36 months residency required before application
  • Core Benefits:
  1. Good location and lifestyle.
  2. Easy air and business links
  3. Visa free or visa-on-arrival to 186 countries
  4. No restrictions on dual citizenship


  • Contribution of minimum EUR600, 000 for 36 months or EUR750, 000 for 12 months.
  • Buy property at least EUR700, 000, hold for 5 years.
  • EUR10,000 donation
  • 36 legal residency by exception
  • Tier I due diligence by community Mata Agency completed before application for citizenship is made.
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