The American immigration service center, Inc (AISC) is an organization setup to provide affordable immigration services to the general public.

AISC operate to assist immigrants and non-immigrants within and outside the United States of America to apply and obtain various immigration benefits available to individuals, families, businesses and organizations as approved by law. This benefit includes but is not limited to visa, asylums, permanent residency, citizenship etc. While some visas are processed through the state department, majority of the benefits are processed through the United States Department of Homeland Security.

We also help Americans and other foreign nationals to apply and obtain permanent residency or citizenship of targeted countries around the world in connection with immigration matters.

The center also assist families, individuals, businesses, or organizations or applicants who have been denied benefits or suffered adverse decisions to appeal before the relevant boards or departments such as the board of immigration appeals, BIA, etc. Our services are available in all the 50 states in America, including some European, Asiatic and Caribbean nations.

AISC uses both in house lawyers and a network of outside legal and immigration professionals to ensure affordable and effective delivery of its services to its clients.

Over the years, we are focused on reducing the pain, confusion and cost of getting immigration services. We have excellent in house lawyers and talented immigration professionals who are committed to serving your best interest. Although, our normal business hours is 9am – 5pm, we are available to help you 24/7 and have state of the act digital and communication protocol to enable you reach out to us anytime or sign document from anywhere. So no matter what state in USA you are located or the country you are, we are happy to be of service to you. To check out the services we provide, please click HERE.