The country grants citizenship for an investment of USD750, 000 in approved projects. Jordan is a peaceful country in the volatile Middle East with an appeal to Arab neighbors.


  • Minimum investment of USD750,000.00
  • Processing time: 3-4 months
  • Core benefits
  1. Visa-free or Visa-on-arrival access to 53 countries
  2. Citizenship to entire family; spouse, children, parents.
  3. Citizenship of a stable country and member of WTO.


    • Zero interest deposit of USD 1 million with Jordanian Central Bank for 3 years, and USD1 million 6 years Treasury Bond.
    • Buy unit or shares in Jordanian companies with minimum of USD1.5 million.
    • Invest in project of USD1 million – USD750, 000 to provide 20-10 employment opportunities.
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