This is a Balkan country that uses Euro and is a member of NATO. Montenegro citizenship by investment law was passed in Dec 31, 2022. You and your family can benefit and become a citizen of Montenegro.


  • Minimum investment of EUR450, 000 (investment EUR250, 000 and EUR200,000 donation to the country).
  • 8-10 months processing time.
  • Core Benefits:
  1. Visa fee or Visa-on-arrival access to 124 countries including Turkey, Russia, Europe
  2. Full citizenship to applicant & family members
  3. Live in Montenegro, member EU, NATO, WTO, etc.


  • Invest EUR450, 000 in development Projects in the capital.
  • Invest EUR250, 000 in development Projects in Northern or Central Montenegro.
  • Plus pay Application fee of EUR200,000 to Government
  • Successful applicants are exempt from dual citizenship restriction of Article 8 of the law
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