Dominican Republic

Dominican citizenship program is attractive with a real estate option that starts from USD100, 000. The program is anchored under section 101, 8 and 20 of Citizenship Act in Dominican Constitution. We can assist you with the process and help you apply and obtain citizenship.


  • Minimum USD100,000 donation
  • Up to 3 months processing time.
  • Core Benefits:
  1. Visa fee or Visa-on-arrival access to 144 countries.
  2. Main applicant plus spouse, unmarried children, parents aged 65 and older, plus dependents.
  3. Descendants get citizenship.


  • USD100, 000 non-refundable contributions to Dominican Economy Development Fund.
  • USD200, 000 direct investments in approved Real Estate project.
  • No minimum, no physical requirement

The citizenship by investment unit in Ministry of finance manages the program.

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