We provide a one stop solution to a full immigration services for individuals, families, businesses and organizations. Our services are tailored for individuals, families, businesses and organizations. Check out your needs and contact us now.

American Immigration Services Center, Inc. (AISC) provides a one stop affordable immigration services which includes assisting individuals, business persons, families and investors to obtain citizenship of another country through investments.

There are many reasons people choose to have the citizenship of another country. Perhaps the most important include:

  • Security of lives
  • Avoid persecution.
  • Assets protection
  • Greater business opportunities
  • Better quality of live

This service is available for all interested parties who qualify to become American citizen through Investments. To become an American citizen through investments click here for details.

We also provide this service for those who wish to become citizens of other countries around the world through Investments. Choose the country of your interest and contact us today.


Our services cover the entire United States. We are available to help you in each of the 50 states. Our Attorneys and immigration professionals are ready and willing to travel, with and handle your matter where you are. We can also meet with you digitally or electronically as the case may be.

Give us a call today or request for a free consultation.

For those who have been denied of immigration benefits such as citizenship, green card, or those who are facing deportation, etc., there is usually an opportunity to contest such adverse decision through Board of Immigration Appeals.

AISC has competent in-house lawyers and vast network of immigration professionals who can successfully appeal your case. From reviewing your file, identifying the issues, researching the law, writing a winning brief and arguing your case before the Board of immigration appeals, AISC have your back covered.

We do this by focusing on the core issues and attacking them head on with facts and the law. If you have been denied of citizenship, green card; if you have been ordered deported, etc, give us a call now. Help is on the corner.

American Immigration Services Center, Inc.  (AISC) is registered with the United States passport Agency and can submit your personal, families, staff or employees US passport application for a quicker turnaround.

This service is available for;

The following processing times are available.

  • Same day processing (1-2 business days)
  • Rush processing (2-3business days)
  • Regular processing (7 business days)

Processing times and fees are set by the US Passport Agency

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